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Galaxy Evolutionary Synthesis Models
help you understand your data on star clusters and galaxies from the early universe until today in terms of their relevant physical and chemical properties and their evolutionary state.

Present Members of the Galaxy Evolution Group

GALEV Meeting in Down Under in March 2012.

GALEV Meeting during the 215th AAS meeting in cold Washington, DCGALEV Meeting during the 215th AAS meeting in cold Washington, DC in January 2010.

GALEV Meeting in Rio de
2 of the GALEV developers (PA and RK) working hard during the 2009 General Assembly of the IAU in Rio de Janeiro, here close to Ipanema beach.

Uta Fritze, Prof Dr
formerly Reader in Astronomy
Univ. of Hertfordshire, UK
Ralf Kotulla, Ph.D.
Postdoc at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
GALEV Developer, Webmaster

Current affiliation
Center for Gravitation and Cosmology
Department of Physics
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
1900 E Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee WI, 53211
United States of America

Peter Anders, Dr
Postdoc at KIAA Beijing
GALEV Developer

Current affiliation
National Astronomical Observatories
Chinese Academy of Sciences
20A Datun Road
Chaoyang District
Beijing 100012
P.R. China

Peter Weilbacher, Dr
Postdoc at AIP Postdam, DE
GALEV Developer
Thorsten Tepper García, Dr
Postdoc at Univ. Potsdam, DE

Former members of the GALEV group (University Observatory Göttingen)

Completed Postdoc Projects

Ulrich Lindner, 1998
  • Chemical Evolution of Damped Lyman-Alpha Absorbers
  • Optically identified MgII- and CIV- Absorbers

Completed PhD Theses

Completed Diploma/Master Theses

Completed Staatsexamensarbeit
(First State Examination of the Teacher Training)